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Will Workers' Compensation Cover Your Joint Replacement?

Joint replacement surgery, whether it be knee, hip or shoulder, has become increasingly common with advancement in medical technology. The need for the surgery may be related solely to the natural progression of a degenerative problem through the aging process. However, for people who work in physically strenuous occupations, the need for joint replacement surgery may very well be associated with a work related cause.

For example, a person may have sustained a torn meniscus in his or her knee sometime in the distant past. That injury may have necessitated surgery whereby a portion of the meniscus is removed. Years later, that knee may deteriorate more quickly due to the prior injury and surgical repair. Knee replacement surgery may be required and a person may be entitled to receive medical expense coverage, time loss benefits and permanent partial disability benefits due to the knee replacement.

In addition, a person's occupation may be sufficiently strenuous so as to accelerate the natural degenerative process that occurs in all of us. Under those circumstances the joint replacement surgery should be covered under workers' compensation as well.

Joint replacement surgery is expensive and the benefits payable to a person who undergoes such a surgery are significant. The workers' compensation insurance carriers hire experts to assist them in avoiding paying these claims. Workers' compensation lawyer Robert T. Ward has nearly 30 years of experience fighting for injured workers across Wisconsin. He and our staff will gather all the medical evidence and present a powerful case to help you get a joint replacement and any other benefits you may be entitled to under the law.

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