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Representing People With Work-Related Back and Neck Injuries

Injuries to the back and neck are common in jobs that require significant lifting or bending. Many of these injuries are minor and do not impact a person's ability to do their job. However, if the injury is serious enough to require some type of surgical intervention, a person may be unable to resume his or her former occupation.

In those instances, individuals may be entitled to receive wage loss compensation while attending a retraining program designed to restore their earning capacity. In addition or as an alternative, individuals may be entitled to receive loss of earning capacity benefits to compensate them for the difference between what they would have been able to earn and what they can earn after recovery from the injury and surgery. These types of cases obligate the insurance carriers to pay significantly higher benefits, and the insurance carriers defend these claims vigorously.

Experienced Workers' Compensation Representation

Serious back and neck injury claims require expert legal assistance to combat the experts hired by the insurance carriers. Workers' compensation lawyer Robert T. Ward of the Ward Law Firm has helped injured workers across Wisconsin get workers' compensation benefits. With offices in Waukesha and Milwaukee, our law firm serves clients throughout the Greater Milwaukee area and beyond. We have successfully represented people with back and neck injuries in workers' compensation claims for almost 30 years, and we would welcome the opportunity to review your case.

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